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Why we do it?

Approximately 10% of children have specific reading difficulties or dyslexia. These terms refer to the unexpected difference between spoken and written language skills of people who have normal intelligence but have not learned to read through regular school programs.

Children who have not learned to read fluently by Grade 3 are often left behind, and the gap only grows larger as they move through the grades. Without specific remediation, many students will not close that gap.

At READ, we have worked with many children who struggle with severe literacy difficulties. They experience anxiety, some even trauma, around their inability to read like other children their age. It is unconscionable that children continue to struggle with the most vital skill they will need to get through school in this 21st Century without sensitive, informed intervention provided as a matter of urgency.

The team at READ, individually and collectively, aims to give these children the most appropriate intervention to address their individual difficulties and alleviate the stress experienced by themselves and their families.  To that end, we aim to provide your child with an experience at READ that is welcoming, accepting, self-affirming and positive.