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Shannon Chapman

BSpPath (UQ)  |  MSPA CPSP

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Shannon is not seeing new clients.

Shannon is a senior speech pathologist and owner of DARE Speech Pathology. Entering private practice in 2011 in tandem with Robyn Monaghan, it was inevitable that Shannon would find herself drawn into the world of assessment and intervention for literacy disorders.

Shannon enjoys helping students of all ages to build their functional literacy skills and recognises the social, emotional and educational impact of giving students these skills. Shannon also has an interest in assistive technology (AT) options for students with more complex literacy and language disorders. For those who have had a slow response to ‘traditional’ literacy intervention, Shannon feels AT has the potential to empower students with the skills to independently access and engage with text academically and in the community.

Shannon understands that only providing assistive technology tools to students with learning difficulties is not enough. To be truly effective, AT intervention requires explicit teaching around technology, organisation and high-level language and literacy skills. She believes it is essential to scaffold and support the integration of AT supports into the school environment. As such, she actively advocates for AT accommodations in educational settings so that her clients have the opportunity to achieve in line with their age-matched peers and cognitive potential.

Shannon is considered something of a “tech-spert” (technology expert) by her colleagues, troubleshooting all manner of IT problems, and enjoys collecting tech-related gadgets. When she’s not at work, she can usually be found painting and creating or hanging out with her Boxer pup.