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Robyn Monaghan

BSpPath (UQ)  |  MSPA CPSP

Robyn Monaghan Read Speech Pathology

Robyn is no longer seeing clients.

Previous clients of read. speech pathology can contact: robyn@readsp.com.au

Robyn Monaghan has more than 30 years of speech pathology experience gained in schools, hospitals, neurological rehabilitation, community rehabilitation, child health, private practice and disability employment services. For the past 20 years, Robyn has focused her practice on assisting young people with dyslexia and other literacy disorders, especially those who have failed to respond to previous school and external interventions.

Since 2008, Robyn has provided training, consultancy and program development with the University of Queensland Literacy for Life Unit and the Australian Indigenous Youth Academy, commencing a private practice dedicated to children’s literacy development in 2011.

Robyn is also the co-creator of Read3, a program for 5 – 9-year-olds who are at-risk of dyslexia or a long-term reading disability. Read3 is an evidence-based literacy intervention that works to build the three core foundational skills essential for early reading development.

Read3 is the result of a collaboration between Robyn’s specialised clinical skills and the professional skills of Kate Andrew, a mother who understands the frustrations of the “dyslexia journey”. The vision is to provide parents, in both city and regional areas, with an accessible, easy-to-use program that supports the unique needs of struggling readers.

Following presentations at the Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation (DSF) Language Literacy and Learning Conference (Perth, April 2019) and Learning Support Teachers Association of Queensland (LSTAQ) Conference (Brisbane, Sept. 2019), Read3 has gained momentum with Speech Pathologists and School Learning Support Teams as a Tier 3 program.

To learn more visit www.read3.com.au.