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Margaret Taylor 

BSpPath (UQ)  |  MSPA CPSP

Margaret Taylor Spells Speech Pathology

Margaret graduated from the University of Queensland and spent her early years in Community Health centres on the Gold Coast, Redcliffe and Ipswich. For the past 30 years, she has operated a private practice in Westlake and joined the Read Literacy Clinic in 2018.   She has gained experience with a vast range of communication impairments common in the paediatric population, though her area of special interest has always been in the school-age population and the development of reading and spelling skills.

Margaret has been trained in the Lindamood programme, the Sounds-Write programme and can also deliver the Read 3 programme for Tier 3 intervention. She is excited by the recent developments in the Science of Reading research that allows for the early identification of children who are likely to struggle to read.

“We know more now and can do more to catch children before they start to flounder. If we can help these little ones to be confident readers, we will be able to save them from the enormous negative impact of reading failure.”

When she is not in the clinic, Margaret is a Rotarian with a passion for the Rotary Youth Exchange Programme. Her family has hosted students from many countries over the past 15 years. She loves having “children” all around the world and she hopes one day to visit them all!