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Lauren Clark

BSpPath (Hons) (UQ)  |  MSPA CPSP

Lauren is a senior speech pathologist with over 20-years of clinical expertise working in the health, education, and private sectors. Lauren knows what a balancing act it is for you as a busy parent. She wants to make sure your struggling child is feeling good about themselves while answering your questions – what can I do to help my struggling reader?

Coming from a strengths-based approach and drawing on current reading science and child development research, Lauren will work with you to:

  1. Help you understand your child’s reading and spelling processing system with a full assessment of their literacy and language abilities that affect their reading and spelling development.
  1. Find out what your child is good at and what skills you should work on to make reading and spelling easier and fun for you and your child.
  1. Understand some of the jargon – phonics, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, letter-sound knowledge, language skills, reading accuracy, fluency, automaticity – and work with your teacher to build your child’s literacy development, making the classroom a happier place for them to grow and learn.
  1. Tell you what the research says and show you the resources to get your struggling reader back on track and develop your confidence in knowing how to help them with reading and spelling.

Lauren is also a mum of two, busy, school-aged boys. She would say that the toughest part of parenting is knowing where to go for advice, how to get it all done and in between looking after yourself.

Lauren is a generous and compassionate clinician, who is highly trained in knowing how to support your struggling reader. Lauren wants to get you and your little learner thriving and loving literacy again.